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Accessible Destination Weddings

Today, we're feeling the love and diving into the magical world of destination weddings. They're the perfect blend of love and adventure, but it's crucial to ensure that every guest, including those with disabilities, can fully enjoy the celebration. So how can couples ensure they're accessible for all their guests, including those with disabilities?

If you missed our handy tips on KFM 94.5 , here below is a brief overview of what was discussed.

Tip one: Thoughtful planning

It's all about thoughtful planning. Begin by choosing a venue with accessibility in mind. Check for ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Ensure that the ceremony and reception spaces are easily navigable for guests using mobility aids. Destination resorts often have accessibility features, but it's essential to confirm and communicate this information to guests in advance."

Tip two: Choose the right accommodation

When selecting accommodations, consider the needs of all your guests. Opt for rooms that are wheelchair accessible, with features like roll-in showers and grab bars. Communicate with the hotel or resort to arrange any necessary accommodations for a guest with special needs. Additionally, provide information about nearby medical facilities and accessible transportation options.

Tip three: Inclusive celebrations

During the ceremony and reception, make sure there's designated seating for guests with disabilities with enough space for mobility aids. Arrange for sign language interpreters if needed. If the celebration involves activities like dancing, ensure that the dance floor is accessible, and consider providing alternative seating options for those who may need it.

Tip four: Assist your guest when planning for the trip

Communication is key. Include accessibility information in your wedding invitations or create a wedding website with detailed information about the venue and accommodations. Encourage guests to inform you of any specific needs they may have so you can make the necessary arrangements. This way, everyone can plan and enjoy the celebration stress-free.

Final tip: Celebrate your guests uniqueness

For couples looking to create a truly inclusive and unforgettable destination, embrace diversity in your wedding planning. Celebrate the uniqueness of each guest, and show that you value their presence. 

Watch my in studio interview with Tracey Lange on KFM 94.5

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