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Flying with elderly parents - Strategies to make traveling easier.

It's that time of the year, when you go on holiday with the family. Have money? Check. Days off from work? Check. Ready to travel with your ailing parent? Not so fast!

You may have noticed that your parent being more reliant on your physically and wonder how you will manage on your upcoming flight. Here are 6 strategies you can use to make traveling easier for your parent and yourself.

Assess their current health condition

Before booking the tickets, make sure that your parent's health condition permits them to travel. If they have any existing medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or other chronic diseases, make sure that they are in good condition before traveling. If possible, consult with their doctor first before booking the tickets.

Work with your parents

Be sure to take your elderly parent’s suggestions into consideration when it comes to choosing your family’s travel destination. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to visit a particular country or city. It’s important to discuss a trip as a family so that each person’s ideas are included in the vacation plans.

Research ahead of time

The best way to prepare is by checking out the airport's website beforehand and familiarize yourself with their services such as wheelchair rentals and wheelchair assistance services available at the airport. You should also inquire about their check-in policies so that you can be prepared before stepping into the airport. This way, you won't get stuck in any unexpected situations when it comes time to check-in at the airport (i.e., missing out on boarding passes because you didn't know how to print them out online).

Book ahead of time

If you think your parent may tire after walking some distance at the airport, then it is best to book wheelchair assistance before hand. Prepare needed medical certificates if need be. The airlines will send you a MEDIF form for you to fill in, which may need to be stamped by your doctor. So booking ahead of time, means that you are guaranteed, ease of travel.

Direct flights

When traveling with an elderly parent, it's always best to book direct flights. The ticket maybe a little costlier, but your last nerve will thank you for it later.

Extra Time

Seniors may need more time to get from point A to point B, so plan with ample timing in mind. Don't do too many things in one day, rather space things out and enjoy the moment.

And there you have it. We believe that if you follow these 6 strategies, your next flight will be a breeze. Just keep your parents away from the booze tray.

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